What is She Copes?

Women give. We give love, lessons, loyalty & life. But, sometimes we forget that we need to RECEIVE.

There are times in my own life where I’ve given soo much of myself without making sure that something was being poured back into me. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to realize I can’t function on E. Even when those we give to are grateful & those who wrong us are sorry, sometimes a thank you or apology just isn’t enough. Through my own journey – ups & downs, smiles & frowns – I’ve seen it’s not always easy to find a way to be refilled. And in my absolute lowest moments, I would wish for a safe space to hear how other REAL women got through what I was going through. Especially as a woman of color – we are playing a whole different ball game than most. And we’re ohh so GREATat it 🙂  but, by helping each other we could be so much more! I once heard someone say they didn’t watch shows like Scandal, HTGAWM & Being Mary Jane (GASP!) because they portrayed black women in a negative way. I got super defensive, like… HOW?

giphy (1)

And they simply said all of these women are power houses in their careers, but a mess in their personal lives. I stepped back and thought about it…& will share those thoughts in a later post 😉 But… I will say, it did make me think about a work happy hour I’d recently attended and how all of the women there were married except the three black women present – not saying marriage is or should be everyone’s goal, but it was thought provoking for sure.

I mentioned that to say we can kill it in EVERY aspect of our lives! We don’t have to give in to our Achilles heel if we learn from our sisters experiences! There is a saying – when women support each other, incredible things happen.

She Copes is a podcast + blog here for just that! It’s a place for women of color to receive real-life tips for coping with EVERYTHING life throws at us. From health to wealth, nothing at all will be off the table.

We’ll talk about a bunch of things like –

  • Graceful Exits
  • Starting Over… & Over… & OVER
  • Debt & Financial Stress
  • How to Trust God’s Timing
  • Sudden Life Changes
  • Faith vs. Faithfulness


I’ll share my own experiences and have guests that will share theirs as well. We’ll also have professionals in some areas give authentic advice. It’s a community – meaning we’ll build each other UP ⇑. I STILL believe the future is female, so we gotta be ready for it!

We have a million topics ready to go » but please please please share things you’d love to have discussed OR if you’d like to be a featured guest for one of our podcasts – someone may need to hear your story!

Transparency is usually very hard for me, but I’m so so excited to open up and start this journey with everyone & even more excited to see it change our lives!!!



Check out the About Us page for more information on who we are.

Visit our Contact Us page to share questions, thoughts or ideas.

2 thoughts on “What is She Copes?

  1. Congratulations🌹🌹🌹
    Very nice CeCe,
    Im sure interesting stories coming soon, We as Black Women been there done that.
    Can’t wait for the Next She Copes! LOVE YOU! 😋😋


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