I Want to Get Out of the Wilderness! Even though I chose to go in…

So, sometimes my posts will be me speaking straight to ME. & this is one of those lol. I was encouraged, so hopefully it will lift you up too. 🙂

Tears. Fear. Worry. Stress. Regret.

We feel these when we’re in a tough situation, especially one we may have gotten ourselves in. & no, I don’t mean problems we ‘accidentally’ come across – I mean struggles we CHOOSE to walk into. You’re probably thinking, I don’t really choose to go into problems…I don’t wanna struggle!But we all have at some point! We choose struggles when we think the outcome will pay off more than the pain. & we’ve all lived enough to know just because you’re supposed to have something doesn’t mean you won’t have to work for it – it means the exact opposite – you’ll have to work even harder.

For example, giving birth, dieting, exercising, certain relationships. & a million other things. We walk into a storm because we know that some things we want out of life can only be achieved by going into our own version of the wilderness.


In the Bible in Matthew 4, the Spirit actually LED Jesus into the wilderness. What is leading you into your wilderness? Definitely something to consider before heading in. Is it for something that’ll make you better in the long run? Or just for something you want in the moment?

& we’ve all been there at least once. In the middle of the wilderness. Struggling and in pain. Wondering when we’ll get out. & hungry – Hungry for what we chose to go into the wilderness for in the first place. We may start off thinking we’ll know how long it’ll last, but that doesn’t make it any easier in the moment. Other times, we go into it without realizing the magnitude of the storm. The wilderness can just be more than we bargained for. I’ve been in situations where I thought one thing would happen, but the total opposite ended up happening instead. I was legit confused lol. That can make us think we won’t EVER have what we went into the wilderness for – it was just too much!

But, after Jesus left the wilderness, he was hungry. He was STILL hungry! That spoke so loudly to me. You think the pain will change you for the worst and that you’ll never be the same again – which you won’t. You’ll be changed for the better. Jesus came out of the wilderness with an appetite – which means that storm wasn’t the end of Him. He was actually tempted RIGHT AWAY, but resisted! When we think we’re at our weakest because we JUST endured the worst, we learn we’re stronger than we were before the storm. In that moment –when we realize how much we’ve grown – no matter how long it’s been since we’ve left the wilderness, we see it was all worth it. The pain and tears and labor. It payed off! & after we experience the strength that’s come from the wilderness, we’re even MORE hungry to MAKE what we went into the storm for, a reality. Sometimes we simply have to go through the fire to be sharpened & more prepped for the NEXT phase of our journey, not always to come out as a diamond right away.


So, if you’ve ever been in a storm, or in one now…Just remember that you’ll still be hungry when you come out, and you will survive. & FLY & be Beautiful. 🙂

What are some storms you’ve chosen to walk into? Was it more than what you expected? How did you cope?




2 thoughts on “I Want to Get Out of the Wilderness! Even though I chose to go in…

  1. The worse storms that we choose to allow is when it effects innocent ones you tell your self well it’s not me doing it but then it gets out of control and you’ve opened doors that never should have been thank God that door is closed and remember the innocent ones in your decisions

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