Make Your Bed, Sis. Then Lay in it.

I have to admit, I never make my bed in the morning. It is legit my last priority. The saddest part is, making the bed is easy lol. It’s as simple as deciding you’re going to make it. But, more important than choosing to make your bed is HOW you make it. Do you rush just to get it done? Is it based on how you feel at the moment and your emotions? How we make it will affect how we sleep.

Same goes with our lives – how are we making choices? If they’re rushed or fueled by emotions, there’s a chance we’re not going to like it as much when it comes time to lay down. That messy bed may suffice for a quick nap, but a full night’s sleep? Nah sis.

I’ve made choices where I KNEW there would be consequences. Dating certain people. Terrible diets. (Coffee calls my name EVERY morning). I’m sure we all could name a few – Over spending. Stretching yourself too thin. Not following your first mind. Not taking medication properly. The list goes onnnnn and on.

For me, sometimes after I get even the tiniest taste of those consequences, I get like – Ohh noooo I can’t deal with this! I am in over my head! And I try to go back and make that bed the right way. As my 4 year old niece would say, tisk tisk tisk…

If you end up not liking how you made your bed, you may still have to live with your choices – neck and back hurting, tired, restless sleep – EVEN IF you’ve learned and decide to make it better the next night, you can never tell how long you’re in pain or have to sleep uncomfortably.  Or if it’ll be new consequences that haven’t fully come to light yet. Symptoms don’t always show up right away…

Even though we have to deal with the consequences of our choices, we shouldn’t have to deal with them forever, right? I mean, one bad choice shouldn’t change EVERYTHING. But, that’s the crazy thing about life. We never fully know what’ll happen.

There are, of course, ways to cope (ergo this blog 🙂 ). Some ways we can deal with the results of our negative choices are:

  • Prayer – God knows when we’re truly trying to be better than our past choices, and will listen each time we reach out to talk to Him. ˆ
  • Acceptance – Denial is so draining. Just accepting what is will make what’s to come so much easier to deal with.
  • BETTER Choices – We can pray and accept all we want, but if better choices aren’t made… It. Is. Futile. Do better to get better.
  • Time – Its cliché, but I do believe that time HELPS heal wounds when we allow it to, and don’t go picking the wound back open – a WHOLE discussion for another time

giphy (2)

I wish I could say with confidence that all of our bad choices could be easily remedied. But I’d be lying. Not saying some can’t (Thank GOD – because I could not imagine having to live with some of the choices I’ve made forever… lbs), it just isn’t the case for all. But, I do believe it can always get easier, especially with help. 🙂

What are some ways you deal with consequences in your life? Do you think every consequence has an exit?  Share with your sisters!





4 thoughts on “Make Your Bed, Sis. Then Lay in it.

  1. Woah I love this ! The analogy between making your bed and making decisions was just wow! You told not one lie in this post sis, we all have the decision to make our own choices and like you said we sometimes like to rush decisions and take the easy way out just to find that the grass was not greener on the “easier side”. Amazing post girl! Can’t wait to read more !

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    1. Thank you sis! Yes we definitely rush our choices sometimes then have to pay for it. But as long as we’re learning from them we’ll get through! 😊 I can’t wait to read more of your posts too!


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