10 Things I’m Grateful For

So I’m doing a 20 Day Mental Wellness challenge with all my She Copes Instagram besties (in my head lol because I love them all!) & for day 2 the challenge was to journal 10 things you’re grateful for, so of course I took the opportunity to make this a blog post!Sooo here are 10 things I’m most grateful for (as of today lol) in no particular order. I wanted it to be as real as possible, so I didn’t think too hard on these, nor did I spend a lot of time on it. #Celesha’sThoughtsUnCut LOL

  1. Family – They’re here when I need them, and still here when I don’t. 😊
  2. God’s Mercy – I’ve made choices where there COULD’VE been major prices and consequences, but God’s mercy has saved me from a lot of problems. Not saying I’ve never had to pay for my choices, but the payments could’ve definitely been worse for some. #BUTGOD #WontHeDoIt !
  3. The Summer – It’s just my favorite season. Like, what can’t you do in the Summer?! Aside from boring or dangerous winter stuff? & don’t say Netflix because you can do that in the Summer too.
  4. SOME of my Lessons Learned – I’m grateful for learning, but I have to say ‘some’ because I wish I would’ve just learned from other people for a few things and not the hard way LOL. I could’ve definitely avoided some problems lbs.
  5. Physical Scars – I used to be ashamed of my scars – I have a huge scar from getting stiches on my thigh, another burn mark from an iron falling on me, I used to think my knees were too dark from falling all the time, and a bunch more – & I was so clumsy lol. But now I see them as a part of me and what make me unique. They also make great stories to tell – I’m sure you’re wondering how an iron fell on me lol.
  6. Emotional Scars – The cuts and bruises to my heart have been theee most painful of any I’ve had, but I think God was using gold and diamonds to stich it back up because my heart has only become more beautiful.❤️ #CheersToTheFall #AndMoreCheersToTheRise
  7. Good Food – I love to eat. End of story.
  8. Airplanes – Y’all we literally have access to the whole world and can go anywhere✌🏾. & this wasn’t an option for people a long time ago! I know it was superrrr long ago but still lol. Idk why but this just hit me and I had to write it down lol. Travel ladies!
  9. Google – Knowledge is sooo accessible to us, when we get rid of distractions. We can learn and research anything.. even from a phone. Its something we definitely take for granted. Google saved my life in college 🙌🏾.
  10. Things to Come for Me – I know my future is LIT. As long as I do my part, God will do the rest.😊



What are you most grateful for? Follow our IG @shecopes_ to join in on the challenge!


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