5 Things to Do Every Morning to Have a Great Day

I recently noticed that I’ve been having a LOT of stressful days lately. From work to life, everything has been getting the best of me. Like, what’s going on??? So I started to think about what I’d been doing and if any of my habits could be causing me to feel so sensitive and stressed lately. Was I getting enough sleep? Did I have the wrong people around me?


I quickly realized I hadn’t been doing enough to own my day, I was letting everything and everyone else dictate how my day went.

I also realized that how I was starting my days was terrible and counterproductive. As soon as I got up, I grab the phone. I was starting my day with social media, which meant I was starting my day with OTHER people’s lives and letting what they said be some of the first thoughts I had. This is soooo bad because it’s pretty much giving control of my first thought to random people! The first thought of the day is important because it’s the kick off for the rest of your day – it sets the tone.

& then I noticed I spend most of my mornings rushing. Oversleeping then having to rush to get out the door. Every day a frenzy. A total mess. I was just going with the flow every day.

giphy (5)

Its so easy to get caught up in the day to day and let life just kinda happen, but then can you even say you’re really living? Nah sis.

Change was needed. But since change is hard… #Shrugs #CantGetAroundTheWork … here are a few things we can do to start the day off on a positive note, helping the rest of the day to go well!

Thank God for Life & Breath – The first thing we should do when waking up is be grateful that we woke up in the first place. Someone didn’t make it to today, but YOU did, so smile about it. 😊 No matter the negative things going on in your life, they haven’t taken you out. God is still working! So be grateful and allow Him to! #GodGotYouSis

Make a To-Do List – One of the main reasons our days get overwhelming and stressful is because we’re just going. We don’t have structure outside of knowing we have to get to work, get the kids to school, and other daily tasks. So then we try to accomplish all these things PLUS more, when in reality there is no way they can be accomplished in a single day. Making a list of goals at the start of the day not only makes the day more organized, but also forces you to be realistic about what really can be done.

Make Your Bed – I am probably the worst about making my bed in the morning.. because I’m always rushing lol. But when you do make it, it’s one thing you can say you’ve accomplished that day. Even though it isn’t that big of deal to most, it makes me feel like, well even though I didn’t get to this task or that task.. I know something was accomplished today LOL. Small victories are still victories.. Remember that!

giphy (6)

STRETCHHHHH – I recently learned about this, but stretching literally helps wake your body up. Do a quick stretch to get your body ready to be out and about. You can even do some stretches while still laying in bed. #FORTHEWIN Check out a few early morning stretches I love here:


Positive Self-Affirmations – An affirmation is a statement or proposition that is declared to be true. Self-affirming is literally speaking your goals and positive emotions into existence! Try saying something that you want to see come to pass in your life directly in the mirror each morning. A few I love are below:

I am enough.

I will control my day and my emotions throughout the day, not anyone or anything else.

I’m beautiful. ( I love this one at the start of the day because it’s when I usually feel I look the worst lol)

What are some positive things you want to start saying to yourself each morning? & sis, remember to take the day, don’t let the day take you. 😊




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