Self-Care is More than Scented Candles

Author: Dosya J. 

As owner of The Sweet Decor, self-care is tied to my business from a consumerism stand-point as it relates to certain products sold in my store. As a person that deals with anxiety, I am wise to the fact that genuine self-care is not limited to consumerism.

Like many, I take joy in aromatherapy candles, journaling, and participating in a relaxing spa day. Yet, if you don’t have a clear sense of how to incorporate self-care into your life beyond the occasional purchase of retail products, lighting an entire room with candles will not make you feel any happier. 

Self-care means paying attention to your physical and mental health. It begins with the foundation of having self-compassion, being kind and compassionate towards yourself as you would towards others. It’s important to be mindful of where you stand in the different areas of self-care in order to know if you’re truly engaging in these practices.

Self-care falls into areas such as mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial. Ask yourself, “How am I taking care of myself in these areas?” Below are three self-care categories along with how you can benefit from taking care of yourself in each category, and related activities.

Mental Self-Care involves the mind. One of the benefits of taking the time to nourish your mind is allowing yourself to develop a relationship with oneself that consist of understating and accepting your strengths and vulnerabilities. You develop the ability to reflect on your actions and reactions in ways that paint a clearer picture of the things that truly matter. Activities that would fall under this category include –

  • Read books that are written to provide inspiration and guidance. Learn through reading and consistently apply what you have learned in your life until it becomes a habit.
  • Bring calmness to your mind each day by just taking a moment to sit in silence to break away from your thoughts.
  • Disconnect from all social media platforms. We are so deeply immersed in virtual connection that we lose the ability to connect in real life. The good thing about technology is that it can be powered off. Choose a specific time each day or at least two days out of the week to power off.

Emotional Self-Care involves practicing compassion for yourself. Understanding your feelings is the first step in being able to accept them. Caring for yourself emotionally is directly linked to your inner stability and balance. Activities that would fall under this category include –

  • Be mindful of your inner dialogue. At times our inner voice can create more harm than good. Trying to silence our internal self-talk may result in it becoming louder and more convincing. Rather than trying to completely eliminate your inner voice, retrain it. Identify the voice when it presents itself. Conquer negative self-talk with positive phrases. The more you challenge it, the weaker it becomes.
  • Allow yourself to feel all your emotions. If you need to cry, give yourself permission to do just that. Find a place to decompress, grab that tissue box and let it out!
  • There is no such thing as perfection. Acknowledge your mistakes, forgive yourself and move on. The world will continue to move on too.

Physical Self-Care involves the body. Physical activity is an excellent way to release some steam. Body movement increases energy levels, improves your mood, sleep patterns, and reduces body fat. This type of self-care is not just about spending intense hours in the gym. The reality is, that doesn’t work for everybody. Activities that would fall under this category include –

  • Go for a walk. Walk at the same time each day or at least three times a week. Schedule a walk with a friend or family member. If you have a dog, that’s even better. Do what is most convenient for you and make it enjoyable.
  • Dance to your favorite song. Dance in the comfort of your own home to your favorite playlist. Dance while cooking and cleaning. Whether you’re dancing solo, with a partner, or with friends, zone out and just dance!
  • Get enough sleep. At times, this is easier to said than done depending on your situation. Sleep isn’t just about the total hours you get. Getting quality sleep is just as important because it improves how you think and feel during the day. Practice relaxation techniques. My favorite technique is listening to the sounds of beach waves or rain using my favorite meditation app at bedtime. This allows my mind to drift into a place of peacefulness as I fall asleep.

Self-care is a journey, not a reward. Find what works for you and go at your own pace. Make it a priority to look after yourself. Embrace, expand, and pour into your own cup.

-Dosya J.

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Dosya.J, founder of The Sweet Décor, is a self-proclaimed life enthusiast continuously evolving into a better version of herself by cultivating mindfulness, being present and living each day in gratitude while striving to maintain a healthy balance between family and several business endeavors. She also hosts a podcast called Five Minute Mindfulness, where she aims to inspire people to take control of their personal narratives, thoughts, and outlook on life in a positive and productive way. You can learn more about Dosya.J and her work at

IG: @SweetDecorStyles, FB:



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