What I’ve Learned A Year After Starting a Blog

As you can guess from the title, She Copes turned a year old in May! Time FLEW. Although it’s something I should’ve been happy about, it was very bittersweet for me. Why wouldn’t this be a reason to be excited? And plan a celebration?

giphy (7)

Honestly, it’s mainly because of guilt, regret, and wondering what could have been. As much as I wish I had, I haven’t been consistent enough in writing blog posts & recording. I’ve made excuses and let life, jobs and stresses that shouldn’t have mattered as much get in the way of what I truly feel is part of my calling to do.

I felt guilty because I’d promised myself and others I’d be posting. & sharing my stories. & using them to encourage others.

I felt regret because after I’d missed a deadline (that I gave myself) I’d immediately feel as if I shouldn’t have and should’ve just stuck it out.

& I wonder what could’ve been daily – wondering how many women needed a word that was placed on me? How many people could’ve been touched by thoughts are experiences I’ve had that didn’t get the support they needed because I didn’t do my full part?

I know I’m not the only one. How many times have we allowed the cares of life to pull us away from our calling?

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I’ve felt all these things for a long time – it’s a viscous cycle though, because as soon as I let those feelings take over, I no longer feel I’m worthy enough to carry out She Copes. & then I feel those same things again. It’s like, what gives?

Then, I realized that I have to give. Give my time. Give my priorities. Give my experiences. And let go of all excuses that I’ve allowed to hold me back.

& giving can be hard! I know it’s always discussed as being a good thing, but it’s truly sacrifices, no matter what it is you’re giving. However, I am now readier than ever to do just that – GIVE. & that includes everything that comes with it.

With that being said, I’d like to re-introduce everyone to She Copes Community. It’s a safe space for women of color to receive real life tips and encouragement for EVERYTHING life throws at us. We’ll do this through authentic sisterhood.

Like, I really love alllll my She Copes sisters! 

giphy (9)

Our community is for women who want to be encouraged as well as those who want to encourage others based on things she’s already overcome. So we can begin to overcome together. 

Because when women of color support each other, incredible things truly do happen. 

And now, the journey (re)begins!



What are some topics you’d like us to cover? Share anything you’d like to see from She Copes!


15 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned A Year After Starting a Blog

  1. Congrats on your 1 year blogiversary. Keep your community growing with amazing healthy convos and topics!


  2. Congrats on a year. Yes life happens so try not to be to hard on yourself. Just keep doing what your doing because whenever you do share your thoughts and tips there will for sure be plenty ready to read.


  3. We all feel a bit of guilt when we don’t meet the expectations that we’ve placed on ourselves. I think it’s great to give, but definitely with limitations.


  4. We all have something to say and your voice is important. Love your platform and can’t wait to see you shine in this


  5. Glad you’re back at it! Sometimes life gets in the way and we find ourselves walking backwards. However, you found the light! This platform is amazing! Can’t wait to continue reading!💜


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