5 Ways to Take Back Your POWER

Picture this. Sicily, 1973. LOL JK #GoldenGirlsGang

But seriously, picture a time where you felt defeated, or down and out. What made you feel that way? For me, the times when I’ve felt I lost the most was when I’d lost my power. It’s such a cliché phrase – losing our power – but its real and happens every day. Sometimes, we simply lose it. As women of color, we already know we’re super powerful, but when life happens sometimes we forget.

How? Like, if we’re so powerful how could we forget that?

There are a few ways I’ve seen. For one, sometimes we simply give it away – to a boss or a handsome face. Other times we get in situations where we forget our worth or get distracted. And then sometimes we sell it – we think something is worth more than our power, so we give in to our kryptonite.

You probably can think of other reasons, there are a ton. But I’d bet eleven times out of ten no matter the reason, it never ends up being worth it. We end up in a place where we want and NEED our power back.

How do you get past that feeling of being lost or defeated? You just decide that it’s time to TAKE your power back. & this is how –

1. Own up to it. – You lost your power. Again, YOU lost your power. No one can steal it from you. You always play a part, so own up to it. Once you own it, only then can you start getting it back.

2. Shut. Up. – So I love to talk. It’s my favorite hobby lol. But closing our mouths and listening is such a necessary skill. Where are you? How’d you get here? Figure out how you lost your power. Not only do you need to listen to what’s outside of you, but more importantly, what’s going on inside? Our souls speak but we’re usually too busy talking to listen. Hear your heart out sis.

3. Let go of what’s causing you to allow something to hold your power. – Girlllll if I made a half a penny for every time I’ve seen (or shared haha) a quote about letting go… I’d be filthy uber rich chilling in Dubai or Bora Bora as I type. We always are told to let go and move on. But we will end up grabbing on again to the same thing or something else if we don’t fix whatever is causing us to hold on so tight in the first place. It’s always deeper than just letting go of what’s holding us back or what’s not good for us. We must let go of the mindset that allowed us to be held back in the first place. And that only comes with self-reflection and honesty. But I promise it will come when you put in the self-work.

4. FIGHTING for it. – So after you’ve owned it and figured out how you lost it, THEN you start getting it back. And power is so valuable that it’s priceless, so whatever you allowed to take it from you won’t give it back without a fight. So FIGHT. Push yourself. Fighting for it means others will have to change how they see you. And change their expectations of you. That will take work and consistency, but your power is worth that and more.

5. Keep walking towards it. Before you know it, you’ll be walking in it. The moment you realize you want your power back, is the moment you’ve taken the first step.

Keep going. Your power is waiting on you.



Have you ever had to take back your power? How did you cope during the process?


3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Take Back Your POWER

  1. I absolutely loved reading this. I went through a season of self discovery and started getting my power body but most importantly my worth, and value. I started building my identity in Christ and I just blossom over time. I am guilty of giving my power over to people who didn’t mean me any good. I lost my power in over thinking but you just reminded me of how powerful it is to keep hold of my power. Thanks sis!

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