Self-Care is More than Scented Candles

Author: Dosya J. 

As owner of The Sweet Decor, self-care is tied to my business from a consumerism stand-point as it relates to certain products sold in my store. As a person that deals with anxiety, I am wise to the fact that genuine self-care is not limited to consumerism. Continue reading Self-Care is More than Scented Candles

I’m not mad at you.

I’m not sure why, but these past few weeks I’ve been so focused on self-love. As women, we tend to put everything before us, and I’m starting to realize the value in putting myself first in certain situations. We give to our partners, kids, jobs, families, etc. and use whatever’s left of us to keep going. & it isn’t always enough. We end up so close to empty operating this way. Continue reading I’m not mad at you.