Write the Vision. Make it Plain (& Simple).

It’s practically the third month of 2020!!! It seems so unreal to me that time is flying this fast. So much is happening already! Something a lot of us do to start the new year is make vision boards. Me, on the other hand, never make my vision boards at the start of the year.. I like to give it a month or two before actually putting my goals on a board. I’ll have goals on my radar, but January usually tests my patience…

& I like my goals to be as well thought out and realistic as possible.. not based on stresses, etc. For those like me, sometimes making a vision board can be overwhelming. Like, where do you start?

Here are some tips that helped me when planning my 2020 visions:

Write Down Your Values – Your vision and goals should be centered around your personal values, since your values are the core of who you are. This step should also include making personal value-based mission statement for the year. What is your 2020 theme?

Write Down your Goals – Simple one! After reflecting on your values and overall mission, start thinking about your goals for the year and write them down.

Create a Dream/Stretch Goal – What fun is a vision board without a Super Stretch Dream Goal?! Write out what your DREAM life is.. then write three smaller goals that can help make that dream life a reality.

giphy (4)

Re-evaluate your values – Do they align with your goals? Do they align with your dreams? If not, you might want to spend a bit more time thinking about them. It’s on YOUR time, so take as much of it as you need.

Design your board! – This is the fun part. Get to it!


giphy (5)

If you can dream it, you can make tangible goals for it. Start today! We also have some great vision board worksheets for our She Copes sisters. You can find them HERE

Happy Visioning! 



When do you typically do vision boards? How do you plan your goals out?


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