Wait for It… 6 Ways to Practice Patience

If you’re anything like I used to be, sometimes you just want what you want. At the EXACT time you want it.

giphy (27)

But that isn’t always realistic. Sometimes we have to wait for things even though it isn’t easy or comfortable all the time.  In my life I’ve seen that we’re usually impatient for one of two reasons –

  1. We don’t want to accept where we are.
  2. We’re just ready for our season of waiting to be OVER.

But when we rush the process, we risk ruining whatever it is we’re waiting for. If something isn’t fully developed, it can cause a lotttt of problems. Look at premature births – babies born early have to receive extra care because they’ve missed out on the time needed to finish developing before coming into this world. That time within the womb is needed because the baby is protected. Why do we always want to rush the dreams we’re carrying and not let them reach full term? Our dreams need time to develop before being birthed too!

First off, let’s remember the definition of patience:

The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset.

I won’t talk too much about the need for patience, because we already know the importance. But, I do want to share some realistic ways you can practice it. These have all worked for me, so I’m hoping they help you out too! 🙂

1…2…3… Woosah.– Literally taking a step back to count to ten and breathe deeply has calmed me down in situations where I had lost my patience. This goes for work, family issues, relationships…anything! This is the first thing you can do, and the easiest when you feel yourself becoming impatient. A side note here is to recognize the ways you actually feel when your patience is running low. The sooner you can recognize, the sooner you can address it.giphy (30)

Remembering it isn’t all about you. – When I had no patience, it was usually because I was only thinking about the part CELESHA played in the process. I was choosing to ignore the other things required to get what I was waiting for. So trust me, ignorance is not bliss when you’re waiting…

CHOOSE Happy 🙂  – Based on the definition of patience alone, if you’re showing anger then you aren’t being patient. It’s super cliché, but always try to look at the bright side or find the silver lining. Those sayings are well-known for a reason – they’re true!

See the bigger picture. – Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Have you even been waiting that long? Are your expectations even realistic? We all know expectations are the root of most let downs. Make sure you aren’t setting yourself up by wanting something in a time frame that you KNOW is unreasonable. You’re not going to expect a cake to bake in 2 minutes when the box says 35 minutes. Be real with yourself sis.

giphy (31)

Just accept it. – I mention this a lot, but acceptance is the biggest step in solving the majority of our problems. For whatever reason, you’re in a situation or waiting on something that you’re tired of waiting for. After you really accept that for what it is, it’ll be a lot easier to exercise patience. You’ll never be patient if you can’t even own up to where you are.

Grow in your waiting season! – Do you think maybe you’re supposed to be doing something else in your time of waiting? Downtime is meant to be used for development. If we use it to complain and worry, we’re missing out on opportunities for growth. If you don’t think you have areas to grow, pick up a hobby! There are ALWAYS things we can do to keep growing.

I know sometimes tips like this are easier to talk about than to do (Trust me, I really do know lol). But I once read:

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

So it’s worth it. Waiting is hard, but nothing but beauty comes from it. 🙂



What are some ways you practice patience? Share!


8 thoughts on “Wait for It… 6 Ways to Practice Patience

  1. “Why do we always want to rush the dreams we’re carrying and not let them reach full term? Our dreams need time to develop before being birthed too!” -Girl, that line punched me right in the chest. You are so right. We try to rush things and we end up with an underdeveloped version of what we really wanted. And we are still unhappy!

    I personally struggle with patience so I’ll be using these tips. Especially the one about thinking outside of myself. I think that’s where we mess up the most. We forget that it isn’t just about us.

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    1. Yes! That’s the craziest part – we still end up unhappy when we rush it. Remembering it isn’t all about me was also the biggest struggle I had with patience. We live & we learn! 😊


  2. Patience is important, but it can be SO hard when we know what’s waiting at the end! I like that you mentioned growing in your waiting season. Sometimes growth is what is required in order for us to get the things we want and it’s important to remember that.

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